AT&T Commercial from Heather Horton on Vimeo.


I’m Heather Horton the actress but you may also know me as my stand up alter ego Heather Ho. Either way, we both like cookies.

Fingers crossed I’ll get that Subway commercial one day so I can have full access to the cookie bar but until then I’ve been fortunate enough to appear on Parks and Recreation, Sam & Cat and Last Comic Standing as well as win a film festival Best Actress Award for my lead role in Bernee, a feature length comedy.

I crave knowledge of all forms which is probably why I’m not allowed back in the school supply section of Office Depot but it’s also why I’ve studied at UCB, iO West, The Groundlings and The Second City. You can find me playing around LA with my team Bizarre Love Triangle.

My roots? Glad you asked. I grew up in Anderson, SC and stereotypically love sweet tea and cheese grits but LOVE living in Los Angeles. I collect magnets but only the ones with speaking animals and clever sayings by former first ladies. I dance a mean tango and a sweet waltz and was an All Conference, Academic All American soccer player so I’m smart and have nice legs. And my wirey haired Jack Russell Fargo has a mohawk. Just thought you should know that.

Up next? Life…come play with me.


“Most engaging is Molly, played by Heather Horton. She’s completely natural and pleasantly droll. The brains behind Short Term have discovered the female Jim Halpert.” — Placevine Studios

*Featured on Comediva.com as a Giggle Goddess